Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th!

We decided last minute to head off to my Uncle Roy's house in Breckenridge. I was super excited to get to hang out with some of my family, even though it was a 6 hour drive! Luckily, Trent got off work a little early Friday so we didn't get it too late Friday night.

Carly and Devin were up at like 7am ready to start swimming! Uncle Roy has this awesome inflatable slide that the kids LOVED! It was like a zoo around there this weekend. There were 4 kids, 5 dogs and 6 adults in one house! Add to it my Uncle Bub, Aunt Debbie, Matthew, Jennifer and their 3 girls all 4 and under! (Uncle Bub lives just a few streets down) Oh yeah....and a cat and a duck.

Devin hugging Levi....right before he tried to dunk him!

Check out Devin and the sprayer.... hehe.
Levi rocking in his tree hugger shirt from Mimi. :)
This was hilarious! Uncle Bub decided he wanted to slide too! We weren't too sure the slide was going to survive, but it did.
He's laughing hysterically because Levi is falling asleep sitting up. Pooped baby!
And the duck. This darn duck! Bea is a total animal lover! This is her pet. He pecks your feet. She swims with him. He hangs out with the dogs. Quite funny!
Everybody enjoying the water.
This is one of my favorite pictures ever!!!

Here are 2 of my cousin Matthew's 3 girls. Audrey was really sweet to Levi and wanted to give him all the toys!
Addison and Levi playing. They are 2 months apart.
Devin looks like a little man in this picture! Not to mention that his Opa has those same swim trunks and an adult size version of that chair!
I thought "oh how pretty of a picture!" Uncle Roy's grass is luscious and soft and beautiful, but Levi was not too sure about sitting in it! haha
Another fave!
The Crenshaw and Hawkins kids having a blast on the slide! Ava, Audrey and Carly had been tubing all day and then still had energy to do this!
Love this one!
Everybody just hanging out on a hot summer night. LOVE IT! There's nothing in the world like family, jet skis, tubes, slides and cookouts!
Devin trying to put tea in Holton's hair! haha. Holton is the most chill kid ever! He just goes with the flow no matter what!
It was a fantastic weekend! Not all the cousins were there, but I so enjoyed catching up with Shelle and Cory. Shelle and I stayed up until about 2am Sunday night just sitting outside talking, needless to say it's been a long time since we got to chat! Not to mention that you absolutely CANNOT beat the sky out there. There is no city anywhere close, so you can see every star in the sky. I think I could've sat out there until the sun came up. You can take the girl out of West Texas, but you can't take the West Texas out of the girl! My heart will always be in West Texas. :)

Then.....(wa wa waaaaaa) we came home and we all got sick. Levi had to make his first "sick" appearance at the doctor. He had thrown up a couple of times, but that didn't concern me too much because I think he's going to be one of those kids that has an incredible gag reflex. I've always been concerned that I won't know when he's sick because he's such a good baby! Everyone always tells'll know. Well, it's true. I could see it in his eyes. Poor baby. Dr. Clarke checked him out and he had a virus that was causing all these red bumps in his throat, probably causing his vomiting and loss of appetite. Then mom and dad were both sick. I hope we are NEVER all 3 sick again. That's rough! I think we're all finally recovered but I'm having to miss my friend Abby's baby shower. I'm super bummed, but that's the last thing she needs a month away from her due date! We need to rest up really well because we leave next weekend for Disneyland!

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