Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We had a fantastic weekend! Haylea, Chase, and sweet Gage came to see us!

Actually they came to go to the Final Four, but we got to hang out as a bonus! Levi and Gage are 2 months apart and it was so fun to watch them interact with each other!

They saw each other when they were 6 weeks and 14 weeks, but of course they didn't do too much then. Well Gage did, but they were hilarious to watch this time. Gage was infatuated with Levi's hair! It's so luscious and beautiful who wouldn't be?!? Haha...on that note, he's getting a hair cut next weekend because people keep calling him a girl!!! Agh!!! What is girly about a kid dressed in blue riding in a red stroller??? Trust me....if he was a girl, YOU'D KNOW IT! Anyway...Gage and Levi would look at each other and get the biggest grins on their faces! It was soooo sweet!

"Hey man, let's get outta here....these chicks are driving me nuts!"

Story time before bed. :)

I know they will be life long friends. Haylea is like my sister. I love her beyond words and I feel so blessed that we get to travel this journey of motherhood together!

Saturday, Trent and I babysat while Haylea and Chase went to the games. We were tired of sitting in the house so we braved the world with two kids, they were both very good and it was a nice outing. We got asked if they were twins. Really?? Would you look at them? One Mexican looking baby and one blond hair, blue eyed baby. Sure...they're twins. :)

Sunday, we took the babies to the horse track! We kept trying to get them to look at the horses, but all they wanted was the bush that was in front of us. Gage finally petted a horse when we got really close. It was so sweet to watch him giggle as he touched that giant nose with his tiny hand!

Levi in Daddy's "gambling" hat.

I loved watching Gage scoot around the house, he's sooooo close to crawling! He is awesome at crawling backwards, so much so he crawled right under the couch!

Monday I took the afternoon off to go get Levi's passport. Thank goodness it didn't take near as long as I thought so I got to spend the afternoon with the Brownings! Haylea was basketballed out so she let Trent have her ticket to the finals. We got some much needed girl time and them some boy time. Except we had the two screaming kids with us. :) Well actually only Levi was screaming on the way home. Oh but our lives our millions times better because of them!

Randy and Teresa were also in town so they stopped by for a few minutes to visit us! It was so good to have some Amarillo visitors!!

I've just started putting shoes on Levi. I almost always have him in socks that look like shoes, but now I'm kind of obsessed with those teeny shoes! Both of these happen to be courtesy of Tia Diana!
Practicing his "tripod." He usually dumps over 3 seconds later.

Yesterday I got some MUCH needed comic relief in my class. As I've mentioned I have some English Language Learners who speak not much english at all!! One of them asked me "How many T Marty have?" I didn't understand....I thought he said teeth? So I said "I'm not sure the book tells us how many teeth Marty has?" (This is my student who does NOT want you to give him work that is easier...he is SOOOO determined to learn English well.) He says very frustrated "NOOOOOO How many T Marty have?" I finally realize he's asking how to spell Marty, as in how many t's are in the name Marty. While another students (who is not so determined to learn English and does ANYTHING to talk about anything besides her work) says "TEET? You baby have teet? How many teet you baby have?" "No, my baby does not have any teeth yet." "Do you baby do you say *crawls on floor* He do like dis????" "No, he doesn't crawl yet either. We call that crawling." This all happened in about 60 seconds. I stopped and thought...what does this have to do with Shiloh? And someone should make a movie about this! Plus, I had to kill a giant spider this week. Giant as in probably 2 inches in diameter (legs and all.) I hate it when I have to be the adult in the room. :)

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  1. Oh he just gets more and more precious! And I love the shoes on him!! I'm obsessed with Brielle's little piggys as well and can't wait to get her some sandals!
    PS: Tio Landon wants to know why his name wasn't mentioned (since they were bought with his money haha)what a baby!