Monday, April 11, 2011

Levi's first camping trip...

Ah I love Texas! This weekend we headed to Lake Whitney. We met my parents, Steve, Kristie, Nathan and Braeden for a little birthday celebration for the boys. I cannot believe they are turning 6 and 4!! Levi's first camper bath...and mom's first time bathing him without his tub. He enjoyed it, but it was definitely a 2 man job! He still doesn't sit on his own so he was wobbling all over the place.

The boys had a baseball game Friday night so they didn't get there til late. After we put Levi down, we played a fun game of poker with my parents. Trent learned where I get my ideas about running out of poker chips. He learned when Haylea and Chase were here that I NEVER run out of chips. Evidently neither does Nana. :)

Yowza! We forgot his hair brush. :) This weekend is the big haircut!
Nathan scaring the wits outta me with that chair on the bench.
Levi and his cousins! They're usually the ones not interested in pics...but it was Levi this time.
Then it was off to Dinosaur Valley for a picnic. Nathan has been studying dinosaurs and fossils in school so he was super excited!
Who me? What do you mean I'm not supposed to be inside the ropes? Stinker.
Daddy and Levi about to do some wading.
Handsome Nathan.
Witty Braeden.
Precious Levi.

Nathan and his first gun!
Braeden and his "rocker star" costume. He was much more excited than this picture shows!!

The sweetest picture with Grandpa!!! And Grandpa makes him look super white!!
Alright mom, I'm getting sleepy.
We rode with Steve and Kristie and really enjoyed visiting with them, we don't get to do it often enough!

Seriously....start the car or I'm gonna have a meltdown!

Braeden was explaining to Levi that if he took all his spikes off that his rocker star costume really wasn't that scary.
And the best part of camping....SMORES!!!!

Ironically, when Steve and the boys went to shower Saturday night they ran into.....Matthew! Matthew is our cousin. He and his family were there camping with some friends. What a small world!

Saturday morning we decided to take a little stroll over to see them.
Sweet kicks.
Levi and Addison. She is Matthew and Jennifer's 3rd little girl and she and Levi are only about 2 months apart. Last time we saw them was Grandma's funeral when Levi was only 2 weeks old so we were glad to get to visit for a few minutes!
Daddy and Levi with their crooked hats. :)

We packed up and headed home pretty early because all the boys wanted to be home to watch the Master's. I was glad, when we go on these little weekend trips I like to be home kind of early to get ready for the week. The baby sitter told me when I picked him up today he was pretty rotten all day. I don't even have to tell her when we've spent the weekend with either of his grandparents! She knows!

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