Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just the 3 of us!

No more Nana and no more Mimi?!?! I need LOTS of prayers tonight. Well actually I think we should all be praying for Levi. He's spending his first day with the baby sitter tomorrow. This is definitely a true test of my faith, but I know God will protect him. The last two weeks Nana and Mimi picked up all the slack around here. Not only keeping Levi, but doing all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. I pretty much crash at 8 when we put Levi down, so it should be an interesting week getting into the groove of things with just us 3!

We had a good weekend despite the fact that I had to work on Saturday and missed my family's game night. I was SO excited about it because my extended family doesn't get together too much these days. My cousin Samantha had this wonderful idea to do a game night every other month at her house. My cousins and I were all very close growing up, I hope this will be a way that all our kids can be close too! Stupid KISD....who makes teachers work on a Saturday? Oh well...mark my words...we WILL be at the April game night come hell or high water!

Sweet baby laughing at his mom. :)

We went to visit our new friend Luke! This was our best attempt to get Levi, Luke and Ella all in one pic. haha. Luke and Ella belong to our friends John and Nikki, Nikki and I used to teach together.

And I made some time for MYSELF Sunday! There are a couple of projects I've been wanting to do for a while, including this spring wreath. The other is my "Countdown to Summer" calendar. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get the rest of what I needed to make it, but of course realized once I got home that I needed more. Maybe next week it will get finished. :)

There is this girl that went to our high school who is a COOKIE GENIUS! I LOVE reading her blog ( check it out. I'm fascinated by that art! Anyway, I'm a horrible cookie decorator but it sure is fun trying! (At least the first 6 cookies are fun.) I made these for my co-worker who is having Baby Chloe is just a few weeks! They match her nursery. Hopefully since she's 37 weeks pregnant she'll forgive me for the way they look and just enjoy the sweetness. :)

Signing off in the Coleman house. Goodnight!

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