Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well I survived my first week back at work! Mimi left yesterday and Nana is on her way today. I'm so thankful that Levi's grandmothers are keeping him these two weeks so I can get adjusted to being back at work without worrying about him! I was reeeeeeally exhausted last week but I'm hoping it will get better. We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Levi's getting better with his head and does pretty good in the bumbo chair now.
We visited our sweet friends from church this weekend. They have a new baby girl they've just adopted. She and Levi are only about 2 months apart and I'm sure they'll be good friends! Here are the proud Papa's.

Susie and Levi enjoying the playmat together.

We cooked ourselves a nice Valentine's dinner and Levi joined us at the table! He's the best little valentine :)


The 3 of us went for our first afternoon at the park. It was BEAUTIFUL today! It was still a teeny bit chilly and windy but we were so glad to get to leave the house with Levi!

Playing with Mommy

The scratch on his nose is the result of his thumb sucking...I can't keep those nails short enough!

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