Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Medieval Times

We were hoping to squeeze in a little mini staycation, ,but life happened....and it ended up just a night out to Medieval Times. It was all good though, we had a wonderful day together!

First, we stopped at the Galleria for some new kicks. They both had on other really cute shoes...but they decided these were their "fast" shoes after we bought them. I swear they probably ran a mile around that mall!

Waiting to go into the castle!! 

We were the blue knight!!!

Sorry these are all out of order, but this was afterwards with our knight!

 Chloe was so funny! She was REALLY into it any time a horse came out, and then she was back to playing with her light up wand.
 Levi got a sword of course! You must have one when you're a knight!!
 Prepare to laugh...

Chasing her tail....

Any day spent with these 3 is a wonderful one! I love taking them to experience new things, no matter what it is!!!

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