Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some Clowns and Some Other Celebrations

The circus clowns came to NCTC a few weeks ago. The kids LOOOOOOVED IT!!! 
 Levi doesn't look too happy here, but I assure you he was BELLY LAUGHING through the whole thing!

So remember that time....not too long ago....Chloe looked like this.....
 not anymore!!! Watching the parade from the exact same spot, 2 years later.
We hung out with Nana and Grandpa on the 4th!
 Started with the pancake breakfast....

 Did some small "fiya wackas" as Chloe calls them. This was HUGE for both Levi and myself. Neither of us really like firecrackers!

 Hot mess waiting on the fireworks show!
 Cheesy grin!
The next day we had a long day of birthday parties!

 First up was this handsome little fella!! Sweet Hason!!!

Chloe was asleep literally before we got out of their neighborhood! Better nap quick sister, Collin's house is only about 30 minutes away!
More swimming!! 
 Gosh it's been WAY too long since I got to see my Gigi!!! So glad to get to hang out with Holly's family and celebrate this little handsome guy turning 1 as well!!!
 Then we got to meet up with Mimi and Grams and Pops for lunch on Sunday before they headed back to Amarillo!

We were definitely wiped out Sunday afternoon!! Haha! 

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