Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Fun with Cousins!!

We met up with Brielle and Hason at the awesome little splash pad in Highland Village one day!

 For some reason, I only took pics before they got there. Probably because this was the day I decided I could only handle two children. 

The Gann's also came up to play on the boat with us!! The boys wanted to do some serious wake boarding, so we ended up taking the kiddos to the beach so they could.

 Can't get him away from his dad!
 This little daredevil LOVES the tube!! It makes her so relaxed! Haha!
 Sweet boy!!!!
 Chloe rockin' the topknot...making sure the tube is ready to go!

The Nelsons have also been enjoying the boat with us! Crazy Uncle Steve gave himself a mud mask and scared all the children. 

Sweet summertime! Love that our kids will have all these memories with their cousins!!

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