Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Lucas and Happy Easter!

We had a very big Easter weekend! We also celebrated Lucas' 2nd birthday! Kristie threw an awesome Mickey Mouse party!
I got this awesome picture...except my camera was on some silly setting. :( 
This is our sweet friend Ella. She and Chloe are only 2 days apart!

 Oh that face....
 Can't believe this precious boy is 2!!!!
 Having a blast on her cousins new slide...before she fell off. Dare devil!
 We celebrated the Resurrection of course! I focus on a lot of things that don't matter. But my number one goal is that these two love Jesus, and that they know how much He loves them. I pray I don't fail at that!
 Hunting....real Nana's. I made sure they had eggs to HUNT this time!

 That cheese face just kills me!!! I think I die just a tiny bit every time he flashes it!!

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