Saturday, August 4, 2012


Trent's family came for a visit last weekend! We were so excited to show them our new home and get a chance just to hang out!

Sweet Cousin Kaytie brought Chloe an "I love NY" onesie back. Here she is telling me she wants to go to NY! Me too my little doll....but maybe not while I have to push a stroller all over the city! I always wondered how people got on the subway with strollers?
 Chloe all decked out and ready to hang with the fam.
 Of course Levi was in heaven having everyone here. He didn't get ANY attention. :) He loved tickling Pops!
 And Chloe was quite excited to meet Grammy!

 The Gann Clan just hanging out!
 Time to grin at Mimi!!!
 Pops turn. She was tired from all the grinning by that point.
 I think God answered my prayer and took away that awful colic. She was just a little fussy while Trent's family was here. Mimi was doing a very good job of keeping her calm while I cooked supper! DON'T MOVE MIMI!
 Everyone took Levi swimming, but I had to miss out of course because miss priss was in her bed asleep. Oh well...this phase will be gone before I know it. So for now, I'll just stay home and enjoy my naps! After all that swimming, he needed some down time. What better way than to snuggle up with Grammy, his blanket, and his thumb and watch Cars?
 Mom? Seriously?
 Talking to Mimi...
 And the sweet socks Tifanie got her! I can't believe I didn't get ONE picture with Tifanie! She stayed a couple of extra days with us while Brent went out of town for work. I was so glad she stayed, she was a HUGE help! I think I probably bored her to death, but I sure enjoyed having someone to lay on the couch and watch the olympics with! haha That's pretty much all I've done every night since they've been on!
 Playing some baseball in the back yard with Uncle Brent.

 Begin randomness...

We had our counter tops redone yesterday. The appliances are still an eye sore and the back splash won't be done until today but the counters look 1 million times better! They were this awful blue formica yuckiness.
 He was so worn out that he couldn't possibly turn all the way around and watch TV.

*This also was the last picture ever taken where he will be allowed to sleep with no shorts on. He has discovered how to take his diaper off! He did it one day at my parents after he'd been swimming, then the next morning I discovered him naked as a jay bird in his bed!!
 Lucas and Chloe coordinated very well this day. :) We tried to get a picture but the little diva was having none of it! Lucas...he's just chillin!
 "Chloe...for real, just smile!"
 Braeden wanted in on it too.

 Hmm....these don't fit do they?
 It's very hard to run errands in between the times Chloe eats. Anyone who's had a baby knows that! Since we live 10 miles outside of town it makes it a little harder. Sometimes we'll go run an errand, then go to my mom and dad's so I can feed Chloe, and then go run some more errands. This night we decided to leave the kids with my parents so we could go to the grocery store. We were told he only had 9 m&ms for dessert...but he was WIRED when we got home! It was HILARIOUS! He was carrying this plate around in his mouth and trying to get Gunner to take it. Then he got down in the floor on his belly, his face turned to the side on the carpet, butt up in the air and scooted all around the living room. I guess he was imitating Gunner? I don't know, but it was funny!
I kept Nathan and Braeden for a couple of hours yesterday morning. They are so sweet to Levi and play well with him most of the time! The times when they're playing "big kid" things, he just drags alllllll of their cars out and plays all by himself.
On one of Chloe's very awful colicky nights, I borrowed Steve and Kristie's swing out of desperation. Of course after the golf cart ride to their house she was out, but we've since discovered that she very much likes the swing!
Levi entertaining us all eating lemons last night. He literally ATE them. At first I thought he'd just lick them and make funny faces, but he liked it I guess? Stinking cute, that kid is!!!

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