Monday, August 6, 2012

Anniversary and a Water Park

We've just been hanging out the last few days. Trying to stay cool, sheesh it's been hot! After a golf cart ride a couple of nights ago we were going to water this one spot on our front lawn. The tree blocks it from the sprinkler system so we have this big dead spot. Levi was SUPER excited to water the yard!

 I love this one because it shows off his big dimple! He was soaked and did NOT want to go in but it was definitely time for bed.
 Chloe slept through all the excitement. :)
 Trent wanted to catch a little snooze after a long day at work, Levi of course wanted him to get up sooooo bad! Haha. Trent turned on Finding Nemo to try and distract him and this is where he got comfy. :) He loves his Dad so much!
 We got together with my parents and brothers family to celebrate my parents anniversary! They're having a big anniversary party next weekend, but we wanted to celebrate with them here as well. They've been married 40 years!! I feel incredibly blessed to have been born into this family. In a world where the sanctity of marriage is not treasured like it should be, this is a huge accomplishment. I love that I had a wonderful example of what a marriage should look like in my house growing up. God is good!
 Grandpa and Lucas. Lucas is the most handsome little man ever!
 Miss Chloe celebrating too!
 I wish I would have paid attention to this pic and taken another one. Haha. Not the greatest picture, but he's the greatest Dad! (And Grandpa, and evidently HUSBAND!)
 Today we decided to take Levi to a little water park in Denton. He's put up with a whole lot these last couple of months so I really wanted to do something just for him. Of course Chloe had to tag along. I was worried about her getting too hot, so we didn't go until about 5. I had to feed her when we got there and Trent went ahead and took him into play so she was really only out there for about 45 minutes. Luckily it also rained before we got there so it wasn't quite as hot. Well, like 95 instead of 105.
 It was PERFECT for Levi!

 Chloe just snoozing...imagine that!

Fun day with our little family of 4!!!

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