Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mothers day and 35 weeks

I got to celebrate mothers day by having my mom here all week, then spending this wonderful day with the 2 greatest boys in the world! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy and I still to this day can't believe god chose me to be Levi's mom! How great is our god that I am so undeserving and still get to raise this precious little boy!!

I'm 35 weeks now and counting down the days! Well really just the days until school is out, but I'm also very anxious to meet Chloe! I've scheduled an induction for June 7th because my doctor is going on vacation on the 9th, but I won't induce if I don't feel like we are both ready.

I'm blogging from my phone so I'll keep it short... I never know what order things are going to post in! We sold our house last weekend so please excuse the mess in the belly profile! We are supposed to close June 22nd so the next few weeks well be trying to get all packed up so we can focus on Chloe when she gets here!

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  1. AHHH so much great news in this post! I'm so excited I get to see Chloe soon after she gets here and I don't have to wait till Thanksgiving! you look sexy in your summer dress preggo and all! You always make a beautiful pregnant lady!