Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catching Up....

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here! We all know that will end soon and Houston will become a sauna from 8am to 9pm, so we've been doing just about everything outside. Levi usually walks in the door after school and immediately starts saying "outside!" 

 Playing with his favorite toys, golf balls, in the pool.
 I just can't get enough of this adorable face!

 Look at that form!!
 Getting some lessons from Daddy. It's really funny when we do this with him, he shakes his head no like he doesn't want you to swing it....then he gets soooo excited that he actually hit it!
I am SOOOOO sick of posting pictures like this! We found our happy boy like this....AGAIN... Wednesday night. Jeannie told me when I picked him up he was acting funny, but he didn't have a fever when we got home. By 8:00 his fever was 102.2. I put in for a sub that night and planned on taking him to the doctor in the morning. Well he woke up fine, no fever and acting pretty normal. He was still a little fussy so I took him in anyway since I already had the day off. His throat was irritated so they tested him for flu and strep. Flu mostly for my sake since I'm pregnant. Both came up negative. Ugh...stupid viruses.
This is him yelling "car! car! caaaar! caar! car! caaaaaar!"
 Friday when we got home I noticed a rash on his legs. It was a little worse Saturday morning so I decided to google a virus that one of my friends little boy had just a couple of months or so ago. Thank you Marissa for blogging about it or I would have had NOOOO idea what it was! He has hand, foot, mouth disease. Which isn't actually a "disease" but a virus. Sounds disgusting but luckily I don't think it's going to be that bad. He hasn't developed any blisters yet and we're praying he won't. Just still a little rash mostly on his feet and a little on his hands. His thumb is pretty bad of course since he sucks it.

Saturday we headed out to Bass Pro Shop for some real "man" time. He loved looking at the fish!

 And we practically had to PRY him off this 4-wheeler!!

 Here he is at Academy. He ran STRAIGHT for the golf clubs and started touching allllll of them! haha. Look at his cute little flip flops! He's not too sure about them yet. :)

Chloe update....not much to update! I'll be 30 weeks this coming week and am so ready to meet her! I feel great! I'm starting to get a little uncomfortable, but nothing to complain about. I'm thankful everything has gone so smoothly so far and keep praying that it will continue that way! She moves a lot and I never get sick of it. :)

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