Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Time and Rodeo!

This weekend Levi finally got to see his Mimi and Grandpa Lin! He hasn't seen them since Christmas so we were very excited they came to visit! Uncle Brent and Tifanie came too so we had a wonderful relaxing weekend with the family.

Levi has a lot of warming up to do to animals! Trent was showing him the worms here and he was shaking his head no as big as he could!!

 Isn't just the most handsome thing you've ever seen??
 Now this he was interested in! We watched a little big of the sheep dog competition and he loved it!
We had such a wonderful weekend with Trent's side of the family!!

On Thursday, I decided to take Levi down to the rodeo by myself to see my cousin Rob, Jessi and their little boy Holt. The next few pictures are pretty hilarious. Holt is around pigs pretty much every day of his life. Rob is an ag teacher in Shallowater so they're used to this business. Holt gets in the pig pen, lays on the pig, kisses the pig, just has a blast!
 "Oh no!! What is he doing in there? He's gonna get eaten!!!!" Notice... he's pulling his legs back as far as he can get them!

 Rob tried to hold him and get him closer. By the end of the day he was curious....but he still didn't want to get close! It's seriously time to get out of the city!!!
 "I'm NOT taking my eye off that thing!"
By Saturday when we were there with Mimi he had made a little progress. He actually touched Elsie the cows horn with Daddy. I know they are big and scary to him, but we really gotta work on this!!

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