Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Poor Little Blog!!!

I will not even attempt to catch up....It's literally almost been 6 months. But, I'm getting back to it!!!

We've had a really crazy roller coaster of a month around here. We said goodbye to our sweet Poppy a couple of weeks ago. It's rough to know we won't be able to enjoy him anymore, but we also know he is walking around on those streets of  gold watching us in all that we do!

We decided to go ahead with our trip to Disney World despite the circumstances. It was such a wonderful time with Mimi and Uncle Brent, what better place to cheer you up a little??

We haven't done too much character stuff in the past at Disney, but the kids were TOTALLY into it this time!! 

Then two days after we returned from the most magical place on earth, I had knee surgery. 

And the kids had their gymnastics super show they've been working so hard on!! I was really doubtful that Levi would participate....but he did AMAZING!!! So proud of him! He doesn't usually do crowds ya know. And Sis just ate it up. Wanted to be on the floor the entire show. Go figure. Good thing she's beautiful and people really do watch her all the time. :)

So here goes nothing....hopefully I will get back to at least weekly blogs around here!!

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