Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little October...

Not a whole lot has been going on around our house, just normal every day life filled with so much joy! I found Levi like this other day while I was doing dishes. :)

Are those not the cutest jammies you've ever seen???

 Oh this is my favorite!!!! I shouldn't like it so much....but how can you not! Levi's cousin, Braeden (4), still looks exactly like this when he's sleepy! Anytime Levi sees that blanket he crawls over to it, grabs his thumb, and lays down. It's too sweet!

 Yesterday, Levi attended his first birthday party!! And not only one...but 2!!! This one was at Pump It Up, the little boy was turning 4. Levi was a little young for it and was VERY unsure of those giant bounce houses. Mom and Dad has a good time though!

 Then it was off to Izzy's first birthday! Izzy's parents are good friends of ours from college and they are about 2 weeks apart!
 They were skyping in her grandparents and Levi kept trying to get the computer. He thought it was HIS grandparents on the computer! haha
 Here's the birthday girl!

It was a very busy day! We all went straight to bed when we got home!

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